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Youth Flourishing

Youth-focused research on resilience, empowerment, development and flourishing in cross-cultural contexts.

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Youth Flourishing, Peace, and Security

Inequality and violence contribute to high rates of insecurity for youth in all parts of the world. How are youth agents of change for gender equality, peace, and security?

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Our Project

There are currently 1.8 billion youth globally, accounting for the largest generation of youth in history.

Their wellbeing is central to the flourishing of this and future generations. This project responds to the urgent need to understand and influence interventions to support youth flourishing and advance programs that contribute to the physical and mental wellbeing of youth. 

The project’s youth-led practices are critical to ensure the meaningful participation of youth in decision-making that affects their wellbeing. The findings will broaden our understanding of the adverse impacts on youth arising from conflict, violence, insecurity, climate change, COVID-19, poverty, and gender inequality, and how youth are grappling with global upheaval across the world.

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Researching what it means to live healthy, purposeful and meaningful lives

Supporting youth flourishing equips youth to stand up for their rights and advocate for their unique needs

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“... a fearless mind and a bright future”

Sompa Rani Roy

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